Minimum order is 300 copies of 7" or 500 copies
of 10" and 12".

The information to us

Please download our order form here Click here

About the master

The record must be in audio form so we can play it in a CD-player. Leave 5-7 seconds space between the last song on the A-side and the first song on the B-side. (for exemple: on a 7” could it be between song 2 and 3).


Templates for 10" and 12" label Click here

Templates for 7” label Click here


Templates for 12” standard covers Click here
Templates for 10” standard covers Click here
Templates for 7” standard covers Click here
Folded 7” covers must have size 36x18 cm.



Templates for 12” gatefold Click here  

We prefer artwork in pdf but we can handle other types of files as well.


We also want you to report to NCB (Nordic Copyright Bureau) Click here. Please fill in the online application form. If all songs/lyrics on the recording are out of copyright, no NCB royalties are payable. If so, you will be informed by NCB. Send us a copy of the mail you get from NCB so we know you have license to release the music.
Send the order form, master and artwork along with a copy you get from NCB to us. See address under Contact.

Date of delivery

Four to five weeks.


We want the payment in advance, sent to our bank giro before we will start the production.